12 Jul

How to play “San Juan Sunset” by Eumir Deodato

Few years ago I published a cover of “San Juan Sunset” by Eumir Deodato….such a beautiful piece on Rhodes piano. Usually, videos with vocals tend to perform better in my experience, but when I got a real Rhodes in my studio I was so happy about it that I couldn’t help making a video with…

23 Mar

“Keep myself together” now available on Spotify!

You know what’s a “Clavinet“? It’s the beautiful instrument that you can hear in “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. It’s a kind of electric clavichord, that was very popular in the seventies. Especially funky music. Unfortunately, after that period it became less and less popular, and today very few artist use it prominently in their music….

01 Feb

New video : Live at “Note sull’arte 2017”

If you know me for a while, you’d surely know I’m a damn perfectionist! :-p That’s why I never like my live perfomances….it’s really common to make some mistake, and I ended up never publishing live videos. Well, this time it has been different….because after many years, I managed to take back my trio “Wonder…

07 Feb

Indipendentemente now available on all digital stores!

I never liked iTunes, Spotify and all these big digital stores… know, it feels like being only half-independent. You can’t choose how much to charge your music. Very low royalties, for an independent, and many other things… But the problem is…people is getting really used to music streaming and all these services. So I can’t…

28 Dec

New single “Keep myself together ” OUT NOW!

It’s here! My new single is officially released! 🙂 It’s been a while, since last time I felt like this….it always feels so special, every time I finally manage to release something new! I feel like I just did what I’m supposed to do with my life, and it’s always getting better and better each…

01 Oct

“Angels in pain” – Lyric Video

This time I wanted to try something different for my Youtube channel. You know, making a professional videoclip of one of your songs it’s hard when you’re an independent artist. It takes time, some good idea and….money! 🙂 So, what many indie artists make is the so-called “Lyric Video“. Basically, a video showing the lyrics…