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I don’t like to talk about me very much….that’s what music is supposed to do for me in my life.
I make music since when I was 10, and every song I make is like a piece of the puzzle that represent my life.

That’s why I became an Independent Artist.
Because I always wanted my music to be as much authentic as possible.

When I hear people defining my music and performances as “heartfelt“, “soulful” or “sincere“….I know I’m on the right track, and that every effort has been worth it.

I n d i p e n d e n t e m e n t e

I like to learn, study and improve myself as much as possible.
Inner growth and challenging myself, are every-day tasks for me.  Something I actually need for my life to make sense.

That’s the same drive that led me to learn to play many different instruments, sing, compose, arrange, record, mix and produce all my works.

In life, most of the times you can truly rely on just yourself…..
Sure, many people will encorauge you, love you, help you sometimes…..but making important decision and taking action it’s always up to ourselves alone. Nobody can walk our way for us. Nobody could….even if they wanted to!

That’s the path I’ve made to realize “INDIPENDENTEMENTE”, my debut album. It means “Independently”, of everything people said and everything people wanted me to do with my life and job.

Artista Indipendente


My first album. Recorded, mixed and mastered in my own studio beetween September 2010 and January 2012. Acoustic piano, keyboards, vocals, drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar : Andrea Ocello.

  1. Angels in pain
  2. Burned Days
  3. Lost City
  4. Il silenzio a volte è musica
  5. Earth in the eyes
  6. Unattainable 4 me
  7. Looking for something
  8. The history book
  9. Headache
  10. Come back home
  11. Ora non più
  12. There's no way

What kind of music I'm in

I love the seventies. I always take a lot of inspiration from there. I love the funky grooves, the soulful vocals and all those warm sounding gears of that era.

Oh, and the instruments!
Honher Clavinet, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer piano, Moog, ARP and my all time favorite : Rhodes piano! (I even have one in my studio!!). 

So, my music is a blend of those sounds with Jazz, R&B and Rock influences.
What I mainly make is called “Crossover Jazz”. In other words, a very Pop oriented Jazz music. There’s a strong influence of “Jazz Fusion”, “Soul” and “Soft Rock” of the ’70s in my music indeed.

Artists I’ve been influenced by : Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Donny Hathaway, Lenny Kravitz, Brian Auger, Eumir Deodato, Oscar Peterson, Steely Dan, Yellow Jackets, Deep Purple, Robben Ford, George Duke, Bob James and many others…


Meanwhile, I also started my Youtube Channel, to publish my take on some songs by those great artists I’ve been influenced by, and also many other things related to my original music : lyric videos, recording sessions, live perfomances, interviews….

Watch my “Cover Songs” playlist here and click on the subscribe button below if you like my channel.

Keep myself together

Then…I went through a period of my life in which I was seriously exausted and overwhelmed by all the difficulties of my path and efforts I’ve made to get there.

For the first time in my life I felt lost, doubtful of everything and asking to myself if it was all worth it. I’ve always been single-minded and resolute of what my life should be, and I wasn’t able to handle all of this. So I just….stopped.
Stopped playing….stopped singing….stopped listening to music…..stopped living, actually.

Then, one day I found an old picture of me, when I was just a child.
It striked me his expression. That resolute glance, so focused, and in touch with his emotions. I felt almost scolded by that. And I asked myself : what happened? Was that me? That made me realize that putting aside my music and giving up, was nothing but leaving behind something really important of my life…..myself.

This all led me to write a new song and go back to my studio and find my way again. “Keep myself together” was the title. 😉

Keep myself together

It’s my latest single. A “Pop-Funk” tune, inspired by the iconic sound of “Superstition” : the Clavinet! Music & Lyrics by Andrea Ocello. Clavinet, vocals, bass, drums and synth strings played by Andrea Ocello. Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Andrea Ocello.

  1. Keep myself together

What else?

Well….I’m a piano teacher, I like fitness and workout, I like this time I’m living in, I like innergrowth and meditation…..and I’m a experienced gamer, you know? 🙂

I always say that “I’m almost more experienced as a gamer than as a musician!!”. Most people are almost shocked when I say that. Like…”Whaaat? Nice!”.
Yeah….videogames always made me feel better since when I was a child, and always helped me chill out from tough days. Also, I consider them as the most complete and engaging form of digital art.

My favorite genre is “Stealth”. And “Metal Gear Solid” is my favorite series of all time! I like many 3rd person action games, expecially those that have great and inspiring stories….

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