12 Jul

How to play “San Juan Sunset” by Eumir Deodato

Few years ago I published a cover of “San Juan Sunset” by Eumir Deodato….such a beautiful piece on Rhodes piano.

Usually, videos with vocals tend to perform better in my experience, but when I got a real Rhodes in my studio I was so happy about it that I couldn’t help making a video with it. And that song was my first choice, of course.

I thought “I don’t care if nobody will ever watch it. I’m doing this for myself!”…..and then, it turned out to be the most watched video on my Youtube channel so far! 🙂

Also, I received so many requests from people wanting to learn this song the way I played it!
So… it is! I’ve made a piano tutorial on how to play “San Juan Sunset” :

I hope my english was clear enough. I sing and write a lot in this language, but this was the first time I’ve made a video in spoken english.

For any question, leave a comment below. Either here or on Youtube.

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