01 Oct

“Angels in pain” – Lyric Video

This time I wanted to try something different for my Youtube channel.
You know, making a professional videoclip of one of your songs it’s hard when you’re an independent artist. It takes time, some good idea and….money! 🙂

So, what many indie artists make is the so-called “Lyric Video“. Basically, a video showing the lyrics throughout the song, in sync with vocals.
That’s not a karaoke, because it’s not the backing track without vocals to sing along, but the original recording of the song instead.

The thing is….people seems to love this kind of videos, even more than the official videoclip!
So, I thought “let’s give it a try!”

Here it is. A song called “Angels in pain” from my first album :


What do you think about the song and its topic?
Do you believe in angels (or something similar) being close to you throughout your life?

Tell me in the comment section below! 😉


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    Enzo MAioOctober 5, 2016

    Bello! Interessante! e tu sei bravissimo.
    Credo agli angeli anzi ti dirò che il buon Dio ne ha assegnato uno ad ognuno di noi: L'Angelo Custode!
    Ciao! a presto, Enzo Maio

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      Andrea OcelloOctober 5, 2016

      Grazie Enzo, sempre molto gentile. :-)

      La penso allo stesso modo, magari a volte ci capita di non saperlo ascoltare o di non permettergli di aiutarci, come dice il testo del brano, ma sento che c'è sempre qualcuno vicino che ci guida e ci sta vicino, in ogni momento...
      Grazie e a presto! :-)

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