07 Feb

Indipendentemente now available on all digital stores!

I never liked iTunes, Spotify and all these big digital stores… know, it feels like being only half-independent. You can’t choose how much to charge your music. Very low royalties, for an independent, and many other things…

But the problem is…people is getting really used to music streaming and all these services. So I can’t help trying this and see what happens!



My first album, originally released in 2012.
Composed, arranged, performed, sung, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced entirely by myself.


I just discovered a good digital distributor, which let you upload your music on all these services with no upfront costs.
It’s Routenote, and now my album is available through it also on :



But also on “eMusic“, “Groove Music“, “Shazam” (now it recognizes my songs, lol!) and “Pandora” radio.

My “official” store is still “Bandcamp“. It’s really the best digital store for independent artists. My album is available in many different formats (it means, much better quality), I earn much more from sales and you’ll also receive a digital booklet.

Are you still reading all of this? Just add my album on your Spotify playlist, now!!! 😉

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