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Here you can find all the subscribers-only content I reserved to you!

“Keep myself together”
Vintage Lo-Fi version

” I made it just for fun at first. I was experimenting with a digital effect to reproduce the sound of a old and rusty vinyl….it turned out to be good and I decided to make it free for my subscribers! “

“Looking for something”
Free funky-soul single, published prior to my first album’s release

” The first official song I ever released. It was a free preview of my first album, reserved to my subscribers. “

“Lost City”+ “There’s no way”
Two more songs from my first album, free just for you!

” Two more songs from my first album. “Lost city”, the first song I ever composed and “There’s no way”, a simple piano blues that turned out to be liked by many people. “

The creation of Lost City

Click on the image

"Web-Diary of Indipendentemente"

How I became an Independent Artist…

Planning, recording and mixing the album…

Here we go….last steps and finally publishing my first album!


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