14 Jun

Another video cover! “Cryin’ through the night” by Stevie Wonder

You know….for some reason, I’ve never liked music from the 80’s. Everybody who knows me well enough, knows that! lol 🙂
It’s all about the sound I think. I prefer “warm sounds” and real instruments, instead of keyboards, synth and all those modern electronic sounds.

But there’s a problem with this…..sometimes I tend to underrate some really nice song from that period, only because of its sound! And that sucks! 🙂

Today’s video is about one of those songs. And it’s written by one of the artists who inspired me the most : Stevie Wonder
It’s “Cryin’ through the night” from his “Characters” album, released in 1987.

In fact, I never noticed this song until I found a rare recording of him, playing this song with his band, back in the early seventies when he originally wrote it.
In that recording it was a totally different song to me! So much different from the album version…..
Unfortunately, it was only an excerpt and seems like there’s no way to find the full recording. 🙁

So, I decided to record it myself, trying to reproduce that “vintage vibe” and mood of the earlier version. 😉

P.S. As always, every instrument has been played by me!


Check it out!

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