02 Jul

First Video! How I played “Lost City”

How I played “Lost City”

I had to publish a lot of content on my blog, to build my “presence” on the internet.
Posts, pages, reviews, etc….(mostly in Italian language)……but now, I finally had the chance to create something that’s even more important…….a video! .-)

So, here it is! The first video about me and my music! It’s about a song of my debut album (“Indipendentemente“), titled “Lost City“.


Watch me playing every instrument throughout the song!


Wait, that’s not all!
I’ve spent a lot of time making this video’s exetended take. That’s where things start to be interesting (I hope! lol).
It’s basically a “Part II”, and It’s about :

  • Why this is the most important song of my first album

  • Lyrics meaming

  • Its unusual rhythm signature

  • The instrumental ending

  • The string section

  • Vocal interpretation

  • a few more things….

But, just because I think subscribers always deserve something more than simple visitors of my website, I made this video available exclusively to them!


But hey!
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you can still sign up right now for FREE.

Also, just after subscribing,
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