01 Feb

New video : Live at “Note sull’arte 2017”

If you know me for a while, you’d surely know I’m a damn perfectionist! :-p
That’s why I never like my live perfomances….
it’s really common to make some mistake, and I ended up never publishing live videos.

Well, this time it has been different….because after many years, I managed to take back my trio “Wonder Groove” on the stage, to play together my music!
It has been such a beautiful day for us, so I thought this occasion deserved to be shared despite my vocal performance is far from perfect here.

I wanted to try the acoustic way this time! So we played with a Yamaha Gran Coda, upright bass and drums. 😉

Check it out :



Andrea Ocello : Piano/Vocals
Salvatore Schipilliti : Upright bass
Michele Misale : Drums

We played :
1. Keep myself together
2. Angels in pain
3. There’s no way

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