Can only one person,

make an entire music project, all by himself?




Can be done?


Andrea Ocello (Me)Well…….yes. I HAD to do that.

That was for me, the only way to realize and publish my album as I really wanted it to be.

The only way to make music as I feel.

NO producers and labels.
NO tv shows.
NO “artistic rules”.

Just me, my music and…..YOU.
That’s all I need as a musician.

Music_256About Me – My name is Andrea Ocello, I come from Italy and I’m an independent artist. That’s all you need to know, except one more important thing : There’s a FREE SONG for you, and I need you to listen to it!

So, tell me where, and I will immediately send you the song! 😉
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“Looking for something”

Singolo Lookin CD + Jewel2



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Hope to hear of you, and see you again on my site!
Andrea Ocello

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2 comments to Free Download

  • Madmark  says:

    Really good track, reminds me somewhat of Stevie Wonder?.. Very Enjoyable, keep up the good work!

    • andyocello  says:

      ….yes. This song is directly inspired by his music. I used to listen to his music so much when I wrote this song, some years ago.
      Thanks Madmark!

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