How you feel…

when you find an old photo of yourself,

and look at the child you were?


Some of us suddenly realize….
something has gone wrong,
you left behind a significant part of your life,
you lost your way…
…you forgot about yourself.


All we can do is
trying to understand what happened.

When and where did you left yourself behind.
Finding a way to put things together in your life.
A way to take back everything you’ve lost.


What I’ve done was….writing this :


“K E E P – M Y S E L F – T O G E T H E R”

It’s my new single! ๐Ÿ™‚

Something I needed to go back in my studio once again
and put my feelings into what I’m supposed to create : Music



But it’s not just words and thoughts! It’s harmony, groove and melody!


It’s a “Pop-Funk” song inspired by an amazing instrument that made funky music of the seventies so unique……
I’m talking about the popular sound used by Stevie Wonder for its funky hit “Superstition” : the clavinet!



Here’s how it sounds like, and how I created it!



Let me introduce you to this song,
showing a brief part of me recording the clavinet’s part :



Then, I arranged and recorded
bass & drums :



Then, I started working on the melodic part!


So, I wanted to add a String part, in a very keyboardist-style, like this :



And eventually, the most important part of modern music, vocals :



I worked on it for about 3 months

writing the lyrics in one go,
creating its harmony and groove, inspired by the beautiful sound of the Clavinet,

recording bass and drums myself, to give it that funky-ocello feeling ๐Ÿ™‚,
adding something totally different, a Synth String section, to make the arrangment more interesting

and eventually my voice, something that usually I can’t stand listen to, but this time sounds somewhat ok to me. lol ๐Ÿ™‚


So, that’s a really simplified (and weird, I know) way to tell you how this song was born! :-p
For me, it has been really important.
Exactly what I needed to go back to work in my studio, after almost 5 years…



This song has been entirely composed
arranged, performed, mixed and produced by me.

So, if you know me and my music, this is…..nothing new!
It was the same with my first album “Indipendentemente“!

That means, I own my music and records and everything you pay, goes directly to me.
No producers or labels!


Keep myself together (2016)

” It’s time to go back and meet myself “

Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Andrea Ocello

Che cos'รจ PayPal

Digital download includes :


– Full song (of course!) “Keep myself together” (4:37)
Downloadable in many different formats (Mp3, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, ecc….)

– “Vintage Lo-Fi” version
It’s a particular low-quality version, made with some effects that emulate the sound of an old ‘n rusty vinyl.

– “No Vocals” version
It’s the original recording, minus vocal track. For you to sing it!

– Digital Booklet (PDF)
A 6 pages booklet, with photos, infos, cover, lyrics, etc…




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