23 Mar

“Keep myself together” now available on Spotify!

You know what’s a “Clavinet“?

It’s the beautiful instrument that you can hear in “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. It’s a kind of electric clavichord, that was very popular in the seventies. Especially funky music.

Unfortunately, after that period it became less and less popular, and today very few artist use it prominently in their music. I think it’s a pity because its sound can be explored further and added into modern arrangements.

So, last year I wanted to write something to make people that listen to my music more aware of this instrument, and I came up with this song calledKeep myself together”!

A funky-pop song entirely based on the Clavinet. I tried a different approach for intro and verse, playing it in a more melodic way using arpeggio, alternated with a typical funky riff for chorus and instrumental parts.

Check it out! And tell me what you think about this instrument! 😉

Click here to open the song in Spotify app.

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