Why am I an Independent Artist?

Simply because I think that MUSIC = ART, not BUSINESS.

piano blues

Obviously, being independent means also that you have to make it a job…..I know right!
But I always take Art and Business separately :

There’s a time in which I don’t care about sales, money and everything I already published, cause I’m composing/studying something new – something I need as an artist.

And then, there’s a time in which I don’t play any instruments or listen to any song, cause I’m working on my website and all the things I need to make it go, as a BUSINESS – something I need to move forward in my life.

Never both at the same time. That’s exactly what the music industry does. That’s what ruined so many talented artists.



First time here, on my website?

Well, my name is Andrea Ocello,
I come from Italy, I’m an independent artist and here is an example of my music :

“Looking for something – Preview”

Singolo Lookin CD + Jewel2


It’s a funky-soul single I released some months before the full album,
and it is FREE for all my subscribers!

Grab it now!



D. I. Y.

Ever heard that acronym?
It means “Do It Yourself”. I read it so many times in the past, while searching about how to become an independent artist, using internet.

It’s used very often, to encourage artists from all over the world, to stop waiting for a producer or things like that, and start making something that truly can help them accomplish their goals.

Well, it really represent my personality, even though I think I went over that…….for me, it should be “Do It ALL BY Yourself”! 🙂



In fact, this is what I’ve done for my first album :

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3Composing every song.

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3 Arranging every song.

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3 Playing :
– Piano
– Keyboards
– Bass
– Acoustic guitar
– Electric guitar
– Drums
– Lead Vocals
– Background vocals

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3 Building my own studio in which I did :
– Recording
– Mixing
– Mastering

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3 Creating and managing this web-site.

BulletsRed_0017_Bullet3 Producing and publishing it all.





So, building my studio, growing technically and musically enough, recording it all, creating the site……

it took like 5 years of my life, maybe more.

….such an hard work, you say? …..yes, damn! 🙂

That was for me, the only way to realize and publish my album as I really wanted it to be.
The only way to make music as I feel.

So many times, I’ve been about to give up…..
Feeling mostly alone against everything around you, never feels that good. But I knew it was the right choice. How it was supposed to be.
In other words, this or nothing….


Hey, but I made it! 😉
Now my album is just like I wanted. Surely not the best I can do, but it’s something real. Something true.
It really represents those years of my life. That’s my first desire, as an artist.

artista indipendente, artisti on line, jazz rock fusion, funky soul

On the left, you can see the album’s cover

is the title.

If you don’t speak italian language, I know it can be a little difficult to pronounce! lol
It means “in an independent way” or “independently”. 🙂

It has been released 23 April 2012,
and I decided to sell it for only
€ 5 (about 6-7 dollars)

Too cheap?
I don’t know. Money is really subjective, sometimes. In fact, I decided to let people pay more if they want!
For me, that’s lowest as possible.

Get the album now!

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“Looking for something” (mp3 – full song)

Singolo Lookin CD + Jewel2

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